New Omega Constellation Replica Watch

In these new cases with a diameter of 41 mm, the aesthetic genes of the Omega constellation replica watch remain unchanged.

According to the convention of Omega, within this range of constellation 41, it provides us with various combinations of materials in the external elements, basically steel, gold and ceramics.

Here, Best Replica Omega offers us three possibilities: two of them share the black ceramic of the bezel and feature a dial. Gray or blue texture, sunny.

The steel case and bezel versions offer lower contrast and are the most discreet. Two Fake Omega styles of black ceramic bezel are more eye-catching, especially the black style on the dial. Finally, the most striking is the use of blue for the case of the ceramic bezel and dial.

Although it is a priori believed that the eight new watches in the Replica Omega Constellation series only provide aesthetic innovation, this is not the case. These new 41mm horoscope constellations are also different from 39mm constellations in terms of movement.

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