Romain Gauthier HMS Ten

— The HMS Ten celebrates the 10th anniversary of Romain Gauthier Fake Watches UK. The dial of HMS Ten is a harmonious composition of circles and arcs. Inside the chapter ring, there is the smoothly finished, off-centre hours-minutes subdial bearing the R. Gauthier logo and flanked either side by a Clous de Paris. On the … Continue reading "Romain Gauthier HMS Ten"

Piaget Replica Watches Our SIHH 2015 chat with Philippe Léopold-Metzger

— Piaget replica watches is always one of the highlights of my visit to SIHH, as I have a very deep appreciation for Piaget’s heritage as a movement maker. In addition, I enjoy talking with Philippe Leopold-Metzger, Cheap Replica Piaget’s president, as we share a love of fine timepieces and American football. Piaget is always one … Continue reading "Piaget Replica Watches Our SIHH 2015 chat with Philippe Léopold-Metzger"