Best Omega De Ville Tourbillon Replica Gold Dial

What do you think of when you think of Omega? James Bond, landing on the moon, the Olympics? Whatever it is, your first thought may not be the tourbillon. However, if you look closely at Omega’s long history, you will find some very important milestones in this Best Replica watch field. In fact, it was Omega who founded the first tourbillon movement in 1947.

The 43 mm case of the De Ville Tourbillon Replica numbered version combines two precious metal alloys, which have become the trademark of the Omega brand. The case is made of 18K Canopus gold, which is a proprietary special shiny white gold alloy, while the bezel, lugs and bottom cover are made of 18K Sedna gold, which is a rose gold alloy independently developed by Fake Omega. The fusion of copper and palladium is hot. Reddish light.

The dial is also made of Sedna gold with a black matte PVD coating. The dead end of the dial is the tourbillon cage, whose hand-polished bevel is made of black ceramic.

The broad sapphire glass window in the bottom cover movement provides a rear view for the movement. Omega’s Co-Axial Master Chronometer 2640 movement, as well as the luxurious executive motherboard and watch bridge made of Sedna gold, have curved edges Hand polished bevel. An arc indicator can also be seen on the back of the movement to indicate the Best Replica Watches power reserve of 72 hours or three days.

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