Best Replica Omega Speedmaster Ultraman Edition

An iconic feature of that classic Best Replica Omega Speedmaster 1967 chronograph was its distinctive orange seconds hand, which drew the attention of the production team behind the fourth instalment in the series: Return of Ultraman. As the bold orange perfectly matched the suits of the heroic Monster Attack Team, OMEGA’s “Moonwatch” became an essential part of their beast-battling kit.

The new Omega Replica SpeedyTuesday Omega Speedmaster Ultraman Edition draws inspiration from the original 1967 Speedmaster. Returning is not just the signature orange seconds hand but also matching accents on key hour indexes and the “tachymeter” text on the anodized aluminium bezel.

On the seconds subdial at 9 o’clock, there’s a hidden silhouette of Ultraman’s profile, which is revealed by a special tool available with the watch. The strap changer, identical to Ultraman’s Beta Capsule, features a UV lamp at one end, which when shined on the dial, reveals the image.

The applied vintage Omega logo on the dial adds a retro touch, recalling the 60s and 70s and the height of “moon pies” and astronaut food packs. The SpeedyTuesday Omega Speedmaster Ultraman edition is presented on a black and orange NATO strap and Best Replica Watches with a spare black leather strap.

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