Best Replica Omega Released New Railmaster

In terms of fashion, denim was traditionally an attire for blue collar workers. Modern-day denim, however, has transformed into a quintessential fashion staple.The original Best Replica Omega Railmaster distinguished itself with a magnetic resistance of 1,000 gauss through copper-finished movement, double case, extra thick dial and iron dusting.

Omega Releases a Denim-Infused Railmaster

Omega released an updated iteration of the Railmaster to honour its utilitarian history. The most significant change lies in the dial, which now features a vertically brushed “blue-jeans” design, inspired by the iconic material of its historical cache. Feeding on the effect denim has in fashion now, the new Swiss Quality Cheap Omega Railmaster also comes with an additional option of dressing with a matching denim NATO strap for the nostalgic Omega fans to go for the full effect.

Other than the dial and strap, the “beige” seconds hand, as well as the Railmaster logo, is reminiscent of the coloured stitching found in denim jeans.Case in point, the watch has a diameter of 40mm in stainless steel, finished with the contemporary touches of a conical crown and a wave-edged caseback with a NAIAD lock system. Powering the Omega Replica Watch is a METAS-certified Master Chronometer Calibre 8806 with anti-magnetism up to 15,000 gauss.

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