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We are actually performing very well and business is good for us. Most markets are up and in some areas we’re opening up new Replica watches with Free Shipping of sales. We’re working on expanding the mono-brand network actually. It’s a bit of a double effect, tough times and closings for a while, and not the “revenge buy” where people are looking to spend their money.

Like the Bronzo or BMG-Tech where our objective is to manage the scarcity as best we can. This also includes limited editions and high-end models of course. The best scenario for us, and many other brands I think, is to always have a higher demand than supply for such watches.

There’s a lot of tension on the supply side of Panerai as demand for certain products is high. And it’s not only happening to Panerai swiss made replica watch as you said, multiple brands are facing that issue. Some collections are out of stock for our retailers so we are paying attention to that as best we can and increasing production gradually to meet the demands.

Our bread-and-butter watches, the Luminor Marina or the Luminor Due should be always available but they’re not. The Luminor Due 1:1 Clone Swiss Watches in 38mm has been out of stock since it was launched for instance. We simply cannot produce it fast enough.This is a “good” problem in a sense, as we’re in the business of selling watches obviously.

We launched the 44mm Luminor with white and blue dials, and they are selling very well. We also introduced a 40mm size, which also performs very strong. And even the watches on metal bracelets, something we didn’t do before the year 2000, is performing very well.

We now have more options in size than before, and there’s something for everyone, from 38mm up to 47mm. In the past, most of the models came in black or dark dials only, even if compared to collections side by side. The fake watches come from China Luminor and the Radiomir for instance, both came with similar-looking dials. What we’re doing now is to differentiate in terms of assortment.

The Luminor Due is a dressier watch, it’s thinner and easier to wear, also for ladies who don’t want a 47mm Cheap Panerai Replica. Our most emblematic watch, our icon, remains the Luminor. This has been further developed with innovative materials as well as complications.

It is tough for those that joined, as you’re treated as a recruit all the way, but for sure an unforgettable experience for everyone involved. And yes, I joined too if you’re wondering. These experiences are a way to welcome people into the world of Panerai like never before.

One is the Panerai Submersible Replica Watches, which is limited to 300 pieces per year, and the other is the Forze Speciali Experience limited to 50 pieces. Both are 47mm in diameter with a black DLC-coated titanium case, and with the same flyback chronograph movement.

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