The Best Replica Rolex Explorer II a GMT Watch

The Best Replica Rolex GMT-Master line is, of course, the brand’s most famous GMT watch collection. However, it is not the only GMT model from the Swiss watchmaking giant; the other option is the Explorer II.

The Rolex GMT-Master eventually graduated to become the GMT-Master II in the 1980s, where the two hour hands of the Caliber 3085 movement could be set independently from one another. This now meant that the Rolex Replica Watches could indicate three time zones at once: local time, reference time, and a third time zone by simply turning the bezel.

Rolex had already developed the Caliber 3085. And since the Explorer II 16550 was fitted with the Caliber 3085, which featured decoupled hour hands, the watch now became another GMT watch option in Best Replica Watches catalog.

This is especially practical for frequent travelers who often find themselves in different time zones – changing the Rolex Replica watch’s time is just a matter of moving the 12-hour hand backward or forward in one-hour increments, depending on the direction of travel.

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