Special Omega Replica De Ville Trésor Watches

The 19-ligne calibre Cheap Omega Replica introduced revolutionary mechanisms into watchmaking. For example, it perfected a method for winding your pocket watch and setting the time by only using the crown. This system was patented by the company on 1 August 1894 and became a true success. The real achievement with this movement was, however, to be seen in the production process.

Lens Position: 2654

A similar concept was used by Omega in July 2018 with the reintroduction of the First Omega Wrist Chronograph Reissue and its calibre Omega 3018. Today, Omega Replica Watches dives into its archives and brings the refurbished, historical calibre 19-ligne back to life.

To remain historically consistent, these new-old 19-ligne calibre Omegas will be embellished with a “damaskeening” decoration – just like some of the old movements. The pattern will follow a style first used by Omega in the earliest years of the 20th century.

While the overall style of the Omega De Ville Trésor Replica remains intact – with the same 40mm gold case and display – the 125th Anniversary Edition of this watch presents several novelties and unique touches. The case is crafted in 18k yellow gold but the most striking part is the red enamel dial – a first for Omega. This colour is inspired by the iconic colour of the brand and is matched with a burgundy leather strap with tone-on-tone stitching.

Lens Position: 2504

The vibrant red enamel is applied by hand on the domed dial, as are the domed gold indexes. The caseback also reveals its dosage of novelties, with a special caseback in lieu of the sapphire crystal. Best Replica WatchesOmega marks the 125th anniversary of its name with a special 18K yellow gold medallion that is filled with red enamel.

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