Omega Replica Watches Wrist-Chronograph With A Refurbished Original Omega Movement

Omega Replica Watch companies weren’t making wristwatches in 1913. That didn’t happen until the 1920s, at least not in series production. There are exceptions: ladies of the European aristocracy were commissioning jeweled bracelets that contained watch movements, but these were always one-of-a-kind, and more about jewelry than timekeeping. It is perhaps because of this that men rejected wristwatches, which were relegated to the category of jewelry.

Early wristwatches are therefore an item of special interest to anyone interested in the history of horology. Omega Cheap Replica Watch is among the watch brands that are still around today who specialized in making pocket watch movements in the early part of the century and who used one of those movements in a pocket watch. More unusual still is that Omega is using one of those original movements, the 18’’’ CHRO Caliber, in a limited series of “Wrist-Chronograph” watches. These are not reproductions of vintage movements; they are the actual vintage movements, and there are only 18 of them.

The remarkable thing about them is not just that the movements are original and they are over 100 years old – not every Replica Watches company can even claim to having made movements over 100 years ago, let alone to have retrieved any original calibers– but also that they were refurbished to bring them up to modern standards without losing the essence of their authenticity.

Aviators were drawn to the easy-to-read dial design and the unique 15-minute counters. Original details include the riveted leather strap and the white enamel dial with blued Empire hands and hollow Arabic numerals – all designed for high legibility. The Swiss Quality Cheap Omega Replica dial is grand feu enamel, which shines like porcelain, and the case is 18k white gold. The movements are big, and the case of this watch is therefore 47.5mm wide. It comes in a hand crafted leather trunk, along with strap changing tools, a loupe and a travel pouch.

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