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The first reason is that in the watch enthusiasts, there was a saying called “buy Rolex to buy oysters.” Said is recommended to buy Oyster case Rolex, because the dust, water is characterized by Oyster-style case is the core value of Rolex. Only Rolex has an oyster case. Oysters outside the case of Rolex, mainly refers to the Chelini. In front of a new generation of Chelini, the old section of Chelini is a typical formal watch, manual winding. Do not have any Oyster case characteristics. The current new generation of Celini has begun to increase the characteristics of the oyster watch, the use of automatic winding 3135 movement, the crown with a lock. But the clear belt is placed in the table position, so that Chelini’s display space than other Rolex to be small (Oyster-style watch to use the metal belt, the purpose is waterproof).

The second reason is the golden shell. We can see, has always been the fire Rolex is steel, because the steel table price is low, the purchase of a wide crowd, in short supply. Golden Rooster prices are high, even in the secondary market, the price of gold in the sale of money is also more expensive (many small brands of gold watch is very low). Therefore, including DAY DATE, including gold, the market but lower (because demand is small, can only cut prices). In addition to DAY DATE Rolex’s flagship series, Rolex is another gold watch series is Chelini, which led to the price of Chelini is difficult to rise.

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The third reason is the degree of recognition. As a worldwide trend, the value of the dressing table is generally slowly declining. Because the current trend is that the watch should have sufficient recognition, often only high recognition of the watch will become a popular model. For example, Audemars Piguet has always been a royal oak, Audemars Piguet’s dress table is also tepid. This is the trend. In addition, we can see now the trend, the sports watch when you can wear, wear suits can also wear sports watch, so this further exacerbated the decline in the value of the dress style watch.

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Blue steel calendar pointer is very beautiful, very Rolex antique calendar 6062 charm.

Although I fully agree that the Chelini 50535 is a fantastic watch, the meteorite moon, the blue enamel plate, the central blue steel date pointer makes this watch with the color of the antique Rolex 6062, but the above three questions So that this watch is difficult to become a popular model, can only become legendary niche Rolex.

Although the changes made by the new sea do not seem to be accepted by all, it does not prevent it from becoming a “hot model”.

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In fact, around the new sea to 126600 problems are mainly two, one is a magnifying glass, one is the size. The new 126600 is the sea for the first time using a magnifying glass. Before the sea have not used a magnifying glass, magnifying glass has become the sea and the water ghost on the surface of the biggest distinction. The reason why the original sea did not use the magnifying glass was that in 1967 the sea had just come out of time, when Rolex was not changing sapphire glass, acrylic glass with magnifying glass, more fragile, the sea made the dive depth deeper than the water ghost With a magnifying glass, the sea has been useless. And now, Rolex is the use of sapphire glass, has no pre-strength problems, so the sea can be added to the magnifying glass. Of the 126600 people who disagree, many because they do not like the new sea to add magnifying glass. At the same time, I saw a saying, I think it makes sense. That the sea with a magnifying glass and the water can be formed with the choice of the relationship between the 116610, to large size can choose the new sea to 126600, to a small size can choose the calendar ghost 116610.