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—As everyone knows, the Olympic Games is a global sports event, this year is tens of thousands of players from more than and 200 countries in Rio De Janeiro to compete in the arena, advocate a higher count every minute and second, faster and stronger sports spirit.


0.01 seconds, may be shorter than his finger on the trigger trigger sound time may be shorter than the gun to the ears of the athletes, even shorter than the starting time pop athlete force, but was high precision timing equipment track record. As the official Olympic Games, OMEGA replica watches and the Olympic Games originated from the 1932 Losangeles Olympic Games began. All events of the Olympic Games, from the starting line to the score board, from the electronic eye to the touch panel, Replica OMEGA with its cutting-edge data processing and timing technology, and strive to achieve the precise timing of sports.

OMEGA Replica record Olympic dream

2016 Rio Olympic Games is the twenty-seventh time for the Olympic Games, the official timing of the Olympic Games in. OMEGA replica has a long history of the Olympic Games, but also highlights the brand’s commitment to all the athletes, help and witness their honor and dream of fighting. For athletes, Replica OMEGA is undoubtedly the precise record of their race results to ensure reliable.


Although at the Rio Olympics we couldn’t see Kobe, but still see many great athletes such as Phelps style, the imagination to win 5 gold medals, flying Boulter again atop, realize the 100 meter sprint three times. Each event is full of passion, I think this is the reason we love sports. Replica OMEGA and a lot of great athletes have a close relationship, it not only witnessed the athletes in sports competitions to achieve their dreams, but also many of the world’s outstanding athletes partners and friends. At the Rio Olympics, there are athletes and OMEGA replica together, supporting Olympic Games, realize the dream.

If only the appearance, many people may not think of such a face of handsome young man is a good swimmer. In fact, the South African swimming star in the 2010 Youth Olympic Games is very eye-catching, three times already dominating the world cup swimming. In the 2012 London Olympics to lead 0.05 seconds won the men’s 200 meter butterfly gold medal. The Rio Olympic Games, he is still shining, together with Phelps in the swimming race, won the 2 gold precious silver medal.

Rio Olympic Games is Garcia Sergio for the first time in the Olympic Games, the athletes, the Olympic Games is very rare international competition opportunities, especially golf. Golf is still not popular in many countries. And the Olympic Games will have hundreds of millions of viewers, this will be a rare and extraordinary opportunity to show the interesting and exciting golf sport side. The Rio Olympic Games, OMEGA replica will also bring the audience new golf scoreboard, it is set in the four special seat on the ground, and equipped with radar measurement system. In addition to the name of the player and the current results, the scoreboard will also display the expected hitting speed, distance and height data, bring a better viewing experience for the audience.

Summary: from the 1932 Losangeles Olympic Games, OMEGA’s continuous improvement, innovation and performance of the timing of the timing equipment, accurate and professional records of the results of each game. In the future, OMEGA replica will continue to work hard, with the most advanced, the most accurate device not only record the process of the realization of the dream of every athlete, but also for more hearts dream of you and I record the process of struggle.

Swiss replica watch exports decline continuously

—2016.6,the Swiss replica watch exports fell 16.1%, since August 2015, Swiss replica watch exports consecutive eleven months made down data, within a short time haven’t defuse any signs of do this is a crisis of “quartz storm”? What is the source of the crisis?

Since 2014 beginning, in the replica rolex watch industry have two opposing views, a is a slow, steady growth, one is economic downturn, the decline in sales, brand transformation, to seek a breakthrough. From the point of view of the watch industry export data, 2014 Swiss watch exports to grow steadily, although the slowdown trend but not obvious, until the second half of 2015, Swiss watch exports year-on-year fell again and again, has continued to the present, from the point of view of the data is still not signs of easing.


014 are not optimistic about the rolex replica watch industry there are several reasons, one is led by Apple’s smart watch the impact of, the second is increase anti-corruption in China. First from the first point of view, smart watch for the impact of the traditional mechanical watches is very limited, in the case of the most well-known rolex replica just release and ring a lot of people will compared with the traditional mechanical watch. Today, few again will confuse the two, this alone is known by the traditional watchmaking industry doesn’t pose a threat. For the second point, the domestic anti-corruption for the domestic watch market influence is very big, but far from to be able to affect the global sales of the watch industry. Personally think that the main reason is that the global economic slowdown, geopolitical events continue.
replica rolex industry the biggest problem as well as an economic problem. This is not only watches the industry, is a common problem in all industries, in addition to the thriving of the real estate industry. Data analysis in 2016 the economy will show a weak recovery trend, so the problem of the watch industry may also continue. As for the watch to pick up when who can make clear that this is the economic problems, may be one or two years or five years ten years.

For intelligent watch domestic enthusiasm beyond my imagination, in China, the traditional mechanical watchmaking industry behind a lot, so many brands want in smart watch one step ahead. But I feel even smart watch do again good, you can not shake the cornerstone of traditional watchmaking industry, in the eyes of the people of your status is still not, and they mentioned in the same breath.


Before the brand to give people the feeling is superior, for the views of the friends replica rolex  basically no respond to what may be before the network is not developed, can not hear the views of table friends now with the development of network, table views of the friends feelings are easily transferred to the brand ear, to table the voices of friends in 2016 table exhibition can be said to be the largest response. The first is new Rolex Explorer replica watches pointer problem, was criticized many table friends, now finally fulfill a wish, Rolex replica will the new explorers pointer lengthened as the table friends. Or Rolex, ceramic ring steel Audi pass with cries for a long time and in 2016 Basel Watch Fair wish, which is sufficient to illustrate the brand for the attention of the curiae table, even the Rolex are so not to mention the other brands.

—Summary: for the downturn in the economy, the brand also is to seek a breakthrough, and not to wait for their demise, in addition to the above mentioned in the product itself and increase new media promotion, spokesperson of youth are brand transformations. And a kind of statement is the watch industry is not necessarily a good thing or not. This is a the watch industry reshuffle, extrusion previous bubble to develop, and after that to make watches the healthy development of the industry. As for the replica rolex watch industry inflection point opinion forecast in the second half of 2017, welcome to the face.

Omega Speedmaster Replica Watches The Love Of Olympic Champion

—The Love Of Olympic Champion:Omega Speedmaster Replica Watches


It is four years since the new Olympic Games opening soon. People who like to watch swimming games should know that Michael Phelps, the 85 year born American, from the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games, the four Olympic Games won 18 gold medals, 2 silver, 2 bronze medals. As a sports talent, his pursuit of time and grasp the harsh to the extreme, every game are in a race against time, this time must not lack a gold chronograph watch. He said, his favorite watch is the OMEGA Speedmaster replica series “the dark side of the moon” dark section.

Buy OMEGA Speedmaster replica watches james bond

Only a few people had set foot in the mysterious and unpredictable moon. Apollo 8 astronauts adventures and achieved brilliant into would inspire the creative inspiration for black ceramic Speedmaster Replica Omega series “the dark side of the moon” watch. And Speedmaster “the dark side of the moon” replica watch series “sable” watches the birth, is excited by the ever-changing, the cycle of the mysterious earth at night. Watch the moon frosted table classic style pointer and dial are by blackening treatment and covered with black Super-LumiNova luminous coating is the source of “ink” is the name.

Watch as the unique moon, Omega Speedmaster replica series watches across the journey than any in the history of a timepiece are more distant. In nearly half a century, there is no any watch like Omega Speedmaster replica watch, is always accompanied by about astronauts and accompany them to complete the numerous aviation mission. Omega Speedmaster professional moon table is the brand is the most representative of the table section, the legendary Speedmaster participated in the all six missions to the moon, called the model of brand spirit of adventure.

This is the Olympic champion Michael Phelps favorite watch – the Replica OMEGA Speedmaster series “the dark side of the moon” black money. In this watch, we are able to see the passion of sport, also saw the exciting and full of Unknown Universe sky, this watch is so mysterious and fascinating, I think this is the Omega for many years by people like it.