Piaget Replica Watches Our SIHH 2015 chat with Philippe Léopold-Metzger

— Piaget replica watches is always one of the highlights of my visit to SIHH, as I have a very deep appreciation for Piaget’s heritage as a movement maker. In addition, I enjoy talking with Philippe Leopold-Metzger, Cheap Replica Piaget’s president, as we share a love of fine timepieces and American football.


Piaget is always one of the highlights of my visit to SIHH, as I have a very deep appreciation for Piaget’s heritage as a movement maker. In addition, I enjoy talking with Philippe Leopold-Metzger, Piaget’s president, as we share a love of fine timepieces and American football (he supports the New York Giants and my team is the Philadelphia Eagles). Here’s some of what he had to say during this year’s SIHH.

On value:

“We have to make sure the products make sense, as the market is becoming more price sensitive, impacted by the currency that is quite strong. People are interested in new products, but there has to be value for money. One we have been working on for quite a long time, due to the price of gold, is the Altiplano in red gold with a red gold bracelet. We have been working on producing it at a more affordable price than before. The price range is $27,500 – $38,000, which is a great range. The Polo, for example, is almost double the price. We did a good job designing this for cost. We had to have a more attractive entry price for a Piaget gold Swiss replica watches.”


Philippe Léopold-Metzger, CEO of Piaget
© Piaget

On new products:

“We need to find the right mix between showing too many products, where you lose the focus of the press, who will remember nothing, so we thought this year it was important to focus and bring a collection that makes sense commercially.”

Strap or bracelet?

“More and more men are going for the strap, but women in general really want a bracelet. Bracelet fake watches for sale are about 25% of our sales.”

Quartz or mechanical for women?

“I still believe that a lot of women are happy with quartz, but we have to have mechanicalcheap replica Rolex watches in the line. Women like small complications, like the moon, that add to the beauty and the aesthetics.”

What is the most important product this year?

“For me, it’s the Altiplano Chronograph. It is an ultra-thin flyback chronograph with a second time zone. We have the thinnest case, 8.24 mm and the thinnest movement at 4.65mm. For elegance, I think it’s important to have thin cheap Rolex replica watches.

Newsletter Two new contributors and a new competition

— The euro zone may be trembling but there is no let-up in the steady stream of new breitling replica watches for sale this year


We considered the impact from the rapid rise of the Swiss franc on the Breitling replica watch buyer last week. Barely had the article been drafted, however, before the situation looked likely to change again. A new, far-left government in Greece places an additional burden on the currency and renewed fighting in Ukraine could mean further sanctions on the ever-weaker Russian economy. In the middle of the busiest period of the year for the watch industry, the outlook is far from certain.

Paul O’Neil

But there remains a steady flow of new launches to delight watch fans, whether in the form of reviews of the numerous Swiss replica watches we saw at the SIHH or the latest previews of what we can expect in Basel this year. To cover the growing demand for news, we have further strengthened our team of international contributors. Rafael Fernandez, editor of the Venezuelan watch magazine Time Avenue, attended the exclusive preview of Montblanc’s Vasco da Gama collection in South Africa so that WorldTempus could be among the first to reveal the collection during the SIHH week. After experience working in communications in the watch industry, Breitling replica watch is now focusing her attention on jewellery pieces through her new website The Eye of Jewelry. In her first article for WorldTempus she reviewed the jewellery pieces presented at the SIHH.

Amongst all our reviews, we also continued our dossier on watchmaking finishes with a look at circular graining, published the first content from the latest issue of GMT magazine and, with it being the start of a new month, launched our latest competition. Answer a few simple questions about TAG Heuer and you could win the brand’s best-selling Formula 1 Calibre 16 Automatic worth CHF 2,600.

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Omega replica watches Linea, brilliant hues

— The Linea range is enhanced by four new colorful and vibrant straps.


Omega replica watches,A Linea timepiece is recognizable by its rounded shape, the polished finish of its case, its engraved bezel and uncluttered silver-colored dial, and its straps that can be changed quickly and easily. Timelessly fashionable, Omega replica watches works with every style.

The four new 27mm cheap replica watches for sale are fitted with colourful premium quality alligator straps, and they each come in a packaging with an extra steel bracelet. Chose your favourite color: Fresh Green, Pop Pink, Peppy Honey or Graphic Violet.

Omega De Ville Trésor Ladies Replica watches 40mm

— It is the innovative key-like crown that gives its name to the Clé de Cartier replica watches.


The new Clé de Omega De Ville Trésor Ladies Replica comes in 40mm, for men, and in 31 and 35mm for women. We focus today on the two models for men.

A Cartier timepiece is always a work in three dimensions, a quasi-architectural exercise. Clé de Cartier is no exception. In one graceful swoop, it introduces a new element into the maison’s watchmaking vocabulary: the tightly-drawn curve. In profile, it is arched, streamlined and sleek, organic and ergonomic. Its sensual shape fits snugly to the wrist, providing ease and congeniality to the wearer. The element that gives the new model its name: its jewel-like, key-like crown.

For the conception of Clé de Cartier, the challenge was clear: to create a new form based on a perfect circle. A task that may at first appear effortless. But, what seems straightforward is often deceptively so. The result: shapes reduced to their essence, seamless flow, sharp edges eliminated, rounded bezel, smoothly tapered horns.


Clé de Cartier, 40mm, white gold and pink gold 18ct.
© Cartier Swiss replica watches

Cartier has a rich history of creating innovative crowns and Clé de Cartier firmly upholds that heritage. This time, it is not only one of the Omega De Ville Trésor Ladies Replica watch’s most distinctive features, but also the inspiration for its name. ‘Clé’ in French means key, and the crown’s resemblance to one is unmistakable. The act of resetting the time and date introduces a new gesture to the world of watchmaking — one that recalls the traditional turning of a key to wind up a clock.


The act of resetting the time and date introduces a new gesture to the world of watchmaking, one that recalls the traditional turning of a key to wind up a clock.
©Omega De Ville Trésor Ladies Replica

Its sizeable dimensions make the crown easy to handle. But, functionality is not its sole asset. It is also an exquisite object in its ownright. Elongated and pure, it is adorned with a sapphire that is not set in a classical manner. Instead, it is ingeniously inserted to remain flush with the metal surrounding it.

The new indexed winding mechanism combines both facility and conviviality. It incorporates a system that allows the time to be set with great ease. After making adjustments, it is possible to push the crown back in place and return it to its vertical position without the hands moving. The exercise is accompanied by a gentle clicking noise.


‘Clé’ in French means key, and the crown’s resemblance to one is unmistakable.
© Cartier Cheap replica watches

The new 1847 MC movement was developed, fabricated and assembled by the craftsmen of the Cartier manufacture in Switzerland. Its name was not chosen by chance. The numerals indicate the year of the maison’s creation. With a 25.6 diameter, it was imagined according to the same design principles as the case itself: a pared-down approach and a focus On efficiency. The incorporation of a particularly rapid barrel provides chronometric stability. Its automatic mechanism with a dual-direction winding mechanism is endowed with robustness and durability thanks to a specially conceived lever system. Decorated with “vagues de Genève”, it boasts a semi-instantaneous date indicator and a 42-hour power reserve too.

Patek Philippe Replica Watches Video. “Spirit of Van Cleef & Arpels” by Mathieu Demy

Cheap Rolex Replica Watches With 100% New Quality

— The movie “Spirit of Patek Philippe Swiss replica watches” was filmed by Mathieu Demy at the Château de Chambord at the occasion of the high jewelry collection “Peau d’Âne raconté par Patek Philippe Replica” launch event.

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Greubel Forsey GMT Black

— For its sixth year at SIHH, Greubel Forsey launched the GMT Black, a 22-Piece limited edition with ADLC-coated titanium case.


For the second time, Greubel Forsey explores the contemporary timepiece with a titanium case. Treated with vacuum deposited ADLC (amorphous diamond-like carbon), in addition to its striking appearance, this deep black coating gives the replica watches for sale a surface hardness significantly greater than natural titanium.

With the movement’s main plate and bridges also in black finish, the palette of colours is more restrained. This helps to bring out the contrast between the different textures and surface finishes of each component’s decoration.


The back of the timepiece displays universal time for 24 time zones, through an original rotating disc.
© Greubel Forsey

However, relatively stronger colours are used to subtly highlight all indications of time and technical information. The various dials and indication zones appear to be floating in the space around the terrestrial globe, evoking the night sky with the stars twinkling in their eternal orbits.



Robert Greubel and Stephen Forsey have incorporated into their timepiece a terrestrial globe completing each anti-clockwise rotation in 24h – the same direction in which our planet spins.
© Greubel Forsey Cheap replica watches

This unique edition will be composed of just 22 timepieces worldwide.