The Replica Omega Speedmaster is the Feel-Good Watch We Needed

The watch should make you smile. It should take the first step for you. For the lucky few, when you find yourself glancing at it all day, you might just do these two things. The Omega Speedmaster Silver Snoopy Replica Edition is the third edition in Speedmaster’s whimsical trio.

When the watch is running, it is obvious that the highly detailed blue disc representing the earth is driven by the reverse of the second hand at 9 o’clock, just like the second hand, completing a complete rotation every 60 seconds. However, when you start the chronograph and turn the Best Replica Watch over, the fun really begins, because here Snoopy soon appears from behind the moon and surrounds the entire scene on the command and service module, in today’s classic history Draw a line under the motto of the Numbi Prize.

In order to enable the movement to drive the centrally mounted second hand and the second hand respectively, these two ultra-thin rotating elements can also be driven. Not only is the animation super neat, but the background of the animation is also very detailed-from the twinkling stars to the amazing level of detail performed on the moon’s foreground surface.

The Swiss Quality Omega Replica dial is made of AG 925 silver and is surrounded by a blue ceramic tachometer circle. The dial is equipped with bright blue hands and painted marks. The latter are completed small luminous plots.

In addition to the full-bodied blue tone, it is a lovely, but arguably more composed tone of 2015 Apollo 13 Anniversary Silver Snoopy LE has undergone a dramatic change. It depicts the glowing outline of Snoopy, actually at 9 o’clock. The location is sleeping.

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