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Charming Omega De Ville Trésor Ladies Replica Watch Hands-On

The word trésor means “treasure” in French, and it is the name of Omega’s new collection of ladies’ watches. The sub-collection, actually, of the De Ville family isn’t new in name, but they are new in some other ways for Omega. The Omega De Ville Trésor ladies Replica watch comes in a couple of sizes and a range of styles with different case materials, dial colors, and straps.

The 2017 Omega De Ville Trésor uses a caliber 4061 quartz movement found in a number of Omega ladies’ watches to keep them thin, narrow, quartz-accurate, and hassle-free. It has a 48-month battery life as well as a “red Omega Replica Watches logo with rhodium plated parts and circular graining” – though you won’t be seeing that regularly as this Omega De Ville Trésor has a solid caseback with a mirror and laser-etched floral motif.

The round case is available in 39mm or 36mm versions in polished steel or 18k Sedna gold and a range of dial colors – it appears for now that the Sedna gold version only comes in 36mm. The flowing shape of diamonds on opposite corners of the case as well as the elongated Roman numerals and slim hands are what define the overall look of the Omega Replica De Ville Trésor ladies’ watches, but details like the crown’s red “liquid ceramic” flower with a diamond in the middle make the design more refined and satisfying – in my opinion, at least.

Some design elements here might feel familiar or reminiscent of certain other ladies watches. In steel, however, the Cheap Replica Watches Omega De Ville Trésor is considerably less expensive than, for example, the Piaget Limelight Gala with a similar visual swirl of diamonds in the asymmetric lugs, significantly more of them, and set in precious metal cases. Is it me or is almost every conceivable shape, font, etc. already claimed by some watch or brand that makes every other use of anything similar look unoriginal?

I personally think the Omega De Ville Trésor Replica Watches look perfectly elegant and fresh – and even though I can’t afford them as a gift right now with quartz anyway, they’d theoretically be more interesting to me with one of Omega’s great mechanical movements.

Omega De Ville Trésor Ladies Replica watches 40mm

— It is the innovative key-like crown that gives its name to the Clé de Cartier replica watches.


The new Clé de Omega De Ville Trésor Ladies Replica comes in 40mm, for men, and in 31 and 35mm for women. We focus today on the two models for men.

A Cartier timepiece is always a work in three dimensions, a quasi-architectural exercise. Clé de Cartier is no exception. In one graceful swoop, it introduces a new element into the maison’s watchmaking vocabulary: the tightly-drawn curve. In profile, it is arched, streamlined and sleek, organic and ergonomic. Its sensual shape fits snugly to the wrist, providing ease and congeniality to the wearer. The element that gives the new model its name: its jewel-like, key-like crown.

For the conception of Clé de Cartier, the challenge was clear: to create a new form based on a perfect circle. A task that may at first appear effortless. But, what seems straightforward is often deceptively so. The result: shapes reduced to their essence, seamless flow, sharp edges eliminated, rounded bezel, smoothly tapered horns.


Clé de Cartier, 40mm, white gold and pink gold 18ct.
© Cartier Swiss replica watches

Cartier has a rich history of creating innovative crowns and Clé de Cartier firmly upholds that heritage. This time, it is not only one of the Omega De Ville Trésor Ladies Replica watch’s most distinctive features, but also the inspiration for its name. ‘Clé’ in French means key, and the crown’s resemblance to one is unmistakable. The act of resetting the time and date introduces a new gesture to the world of watchmaking — one that recalls the traditional turning of a key to wind up a clock.


The act of resetting the time and date introduces a new gesture to the world of watchmaking, one that recalls the traditional turning of a key to wind up a clock.
©Omega De Ville Trésor Ladies Replica

Its sizeable dimensions make the crown easy to handle. But, functionality is not its sole asset. It is also an exquisite object in its ownright. Elongated and pure, it is adorned with a sapphire that is not set in a classical manner. Instead, it is ingeniously inserted to remain flush with the metal surrounding it.

The new indexed winding mechanism combines both facility and conviviality. It incorporates a system that allows the time to be set with great ease. After making adjustments, it is possible to push the crown back in place and return it to its vertical position without the hands moving. The exercise is accompanied by a gentle clicking noise.


‘Clé’ in French means key, and the crown’s resemblance to one is unmistakable.
© Cartier Cheap replica watches

The new 1847 MC movement was developed, fabricated and assembled by the craftsmen of the Cartier manufacture in Switzerland. Its name was not chosen by chance. The numerals indicate the year of the maison’s creation. With a 25.6 diameter, it was imagined according to the same design principles as the case itself: a pared-down approach and a focus On efficiency. The incorporation of a particularly rapid barrel provides chronometric stability. Its automatic mechanism with a dual-direction winding mechanism is endowed with robustness and durability thanks to a specially conceived lever system. Decorated with “vagues de Genève”, it boasts a semi-instantaneous date indicator and a 42-hour power reserve too.